University Events

Any consumption of alcohol at university events must comply with the UW-Madison Alcohol Beverage Regulations.

General policy statements:

  • University events are defined as events which takes place on University lands, are partially or completely paid for by University funds or use University resources, are university-sponsored such as using the University logo or name, or a logo or name associated with the University, or for which attendance is required or encouraged as a condition of employment or study. More information is available in the event planning scenarios.
  • The UW-Madison alcohol policy applies to all university events, both on and off campus. It applies to events in other cities, states, and countries.
  • Alcohol can only be served when more than 2/3 of the anticipated attendees are expected to be of the minimum legal drinking age.
  • Alcohol beverages at university must be provided by either a licensed caterer or restaurant or organizers must obtain an Alcohol Beverage Service Permit.
  • Alcohol Beverage Service Permits are available for events with 150 or fewer attendees. One or more responsible employees must complete required Responsible Employee Training and are responsible for the event. One responsible employee is required for the first 50 attendees. One additional responsible employee for each additional 25 attendees over 50.
  • Other specific requirements apply. Undergraduate student groups may not apply for an alcohol beverage service permit. Graduate and professional students are permitted to serve as responsible employees only for events hosted by and for graduate and professional students.
  • The minimum legal drinking age must be enforced at all university events. If some attendees are below the minimum legal drinking age either a physical barrier, “beer garden”, or marked wristbands/nametags must be utilized.
  • The UW-Madison Alcohol Beverage Responsibility Sign must be prominently displayed.

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Employees can contact their department or divisional administrator or the Office of Legal Affairs (608-263-7400). Students may contact the Division of Student Life (608-263-5700 or