Alcohol Beverage Service Permits

New online permit and training system available now.

The new UW-Madison alcohol policy is now in effect for any events held on January 21, 2014 or later. Event organizers must complete responsible employee training and apply for an alcohol beverage service permit through the new online system.


Units can procure and provide their own alcohol beverages if they obtain an Alcohol Beverage Service Permit. The event must be attended by no more than 150 people. Individuals interested in hosting larger and/or longer events should contact an on-campus or off-campus caterer for arrangements.

A responsible employee who has completed the required campus training must sign the permit, be present at the event, and be responsible for the alcohol service, in compliance with the requirements listed below. The permit must be approved by both an authorized University official, in most cases the area Dean or Director, and by the facility. Undergraduate student organizations are not permitted to obtain an alcohol beverage service permit. The Alcohol Beverage Permit Checklist has been developed to assist units in planning such events. Questions about permits should be directed to Nancy Lynch, assistant vice chancellor for legal affairs. She can be reached at or by calling 263-7400.

Alcohol Beverage Permit Checklist

  • One responsible employee for the first 50 attendees. One additional responsible employee for each additional 25 attendees.
  • Attendees less than 150 persons
  • Food and non-alcohol beverages available
  • Appropriate size clear plastic cups available, 8 oz. for serving wine. Beer served in individual cans or bottles no larger than 12 oz.; No other alcohol beverages will be offered.
  • Responsible Employee available:
    • Employee with a faculty, limited, academic staff or university staff appointment who is age 21 or over (or a graduate or professional student for events hosted by and for graduate and professional students).
    • Completed Responsible Employee Training
    • Sign Alcohol Beverage Service Permit
    • Agrees to perform responsible duties including to:
      • Remain present at all times during the event
      • Ensure the conditions of the permit are followed
      • Ensure intoxicated individuals do not consume alcohol
      • Prevent consumption by individuals below the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA)
      • Maintain control of the alcohol beverages at all times and secure them at the conclusion of the event.
    • Agrees not to consume alcohol during event
  • Procedures in place to prevent consumption of alcohol beverages by persons below the MLDA
    • All attendees are above the MLDA, or
    • ID checked for all attendees below 30 and wristbands/name tags used to indicate age.
  • UW-Madison Alcohol Beverage Responsibility Sign displayed
  • Alcohol Beverage Service Permit signed by Authorized University Official